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Welcome to Sports Unlimited Services, a well-established recruiting service. We have helped hundreds of student-athletes reach their goals of attending college and playing the sport they love. We value our student-athletes and their families. Each one of our clients are given individualized attention. Some services that are clients are expected to receive

Consultations on a Biweekly basis- This is a time in which the student-athlete and their parents can ask any questions about the recruiting process and their concerns. The student-athlete and their parents are of utmost importance during the rigorous process of recruiting.

´╗┐Strong Presence on Social Media- (Twitter, Linking, Facebook). The internet plays a strong role in high school and college recruiting. The staff at Sports Unlimited Services is very skilled in marketing athletes, and that is why we have a 95% success rate.

Profile- Each student-athlete will be created a profile that includes detailed information about the student-athlete. Areas include, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, link to updated film, contact information, athlete's strengths/weaknesses, community services, etc. This profile gives the college coach an overall picture of the student-athlete. Sports Unlimited Services has been built on the following pillars:

- Trust
-Faith in the Recruiting Process

"Invest in your future, and allow Sports Unlimited Services to help prepare you for your future"

Our Services

  • Recruitment
  • Athletic Scholarships


I was very satisfied with the results we got even when I thought there was no hope. They found a place for my son, its like they were looking for a place for the own kids to go and you don't have to keep picking up the phone wandering if they are searching...

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