If what you did YESTERDAY seems big, you haven’t done anything TODAY.

– Lou Holtz, New York Jets

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Kiyoshi Terrell Fish President/Regional Scout 602-577-6352
Twitter – @susrecruit

“Opportunities don’t go away, they go to someone else”

Terrell Fish is from Youngstown, Ohio. Terrell graduated from Youngstown State University. Terrell has been in the recruiting industry for nearly 7 years. Terrell was a scout for an NFL agent years ago, and decided that he wanted to scout on the high school level. Terrell has helped many student-athletes get to the next level through his strong connections with college coaches and his ability to relate to families. Terrell believes that every student should have an opportunity to play the sport they love in college. Terrell has worked with players at all levels, and has a passion to help young athletes reach their goals.

Rumond Pitt Marketing Specialist/Scout
Twitter – @ibelieveposters

Rumond Pitt is a former University of Mount Olive basketball player that has coached for the last ten plus years. He has coached several high schools girls teams including Farmville Central high school for 4 years and has also worked camps as a college student and other camps and clinics. He has also coached volleyball for several years helping with travel teams, middle school and high school teams. He has been helping players with recruiting, designing athlete resumes and other marketing materials for the past 9 years. He has a passion for kids and will go above and beyond to help players reach their dreams!

Valentina Fish, aka Coach Val, Coach V , Public Relations Manager/ Scout
Twitter – @coachval_sus

Hello everyone, my name is Valentina, aka Coach Val, Coach V. I hold a variety of positions within the company. I have always had the love for sports since I was a child. I always love helping others reaching their goals and bringing that positive energy to whomever I meet. This is especially true when it comes to students and athletes. Sports Unlimited Services LLC. give me the chance to do both. I am the cheerleader for all our clients, because I love to see them all do well. To be able to be a part of a student athlete’s career and help them get in a position to have a way to pay for college and continuing playing a sport he/she loves, while getting an education. It just gives me a great satisfaction to be a part of the journey. I love Sports Unlimited Services LLC, because from the very beginning we based the company to build RELATIONSHIPS with our clients, because they are not just a name in a computer, but real people who have real dreams. It is a blessing and privilege to build trusting relationships and trusting the process to see the positive results for our clients. Trust God, yourself, the process, and S.U.S. to see where it takes you! Remember, when you’re a part of the Sports Unlimited Services, you’re family for life. I leave you with this: Always let your light shine. Never give the control to someone else, because you’re in control of it. God bless!