If what you did YESTERDAY seems big, you haven’t done anything TODAY.

– Lou Holtz, New York Jets

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What really makes SUS stand out? The expertise of our people. Of our 600+ employees, the majority have played—or coached—college sports, and they know the recruiting process inside and out. Our recruiting coaches use their experience to guide and support families through the recruiting process, and they take that job seriously.

From sending late night texts of encouragement to conducting mock coach calls, our team members are there for your family every step of the way. Their passion and competitive spirit comes from their own recruiting stories and experience playing college sports. Meet our team and see what drives them to help aspiring college athletes achieve their goals.

Our team members make a huge impact on SUS families. SUS parents explain what it’s like to work with our staff.

Below are the few testimonials from our satisfied customers

I am so thankful to join Sports Unlimited

CLASS OF | 2016 | ABC HighSchool | BASEBALL | PARENT
I have been working with Sports Unlimited Services since my sophomore year of high school. Every other scouting program I tried and spent money on told me I was too small to play Division I football. My friend then referred me to Sports Unlimited, and the rest of history. I started to get recognition from schools all over the country. It started with emails, then to recruiting mail, and to eventually an offer to Temple University. Sports Unlimited really put my name out there to a lot of coaches and placed me on a lot of coaches radar. I am so thankful to join Sports Unlimited

Thanks to Terrell

In the fall of my son’s senior year, it became apparent that we were a little behind in getting my son lined up to play college football (definitely an understatement). The biggest challenge that we had was not knowing what to do, who to contact, the steps involved, etc. My son has played football for 10+ years, so we knew we had a chance, we just didn’t know what to do. Not long after, we began to consider what we should be doing, until we were contacted by Terrell. Terrell basically offered to get my son noticed by colleges looking for football players. My son is slightly better than average football player, but has average grades, so we were willing to listen. Terrell helped my son create a profile, and showed us how to utilize film. Terrell acted as a broker in helping promote my son in designated areas. This was all done for a nominal fee that was easy to process, and not long after, we ok Terrell the ok to move forward. Terrell worked with my son closely, and coached him through the process. I am happy to say that after a few months of being part of the program, my son is getting an average of 2-3 calls and emails per week from prospective coaches looking for football players. These are all legitimate contacts from good schools. Thanks to Terrell, we are progressing well towards getting my son enrolled in a good football college.

Professional and hard-working team

Thanks to Sports Unlimited Services and their extensive list of contacts and network ability, we were able to reach more schools and coaches. We have seen first hand the benefits of working with such a professional and hard-working team

I’m thankful for the help

I’m thankful for the help Sports Unlimited Services provided me. Today, I am able to play the sport I love at a good University while obtaining my education

Thanks for all your help

Thanks for all your help Sports Unlimited Services. Today, I’m playing as quarterback for Southern University

You’ve really helped me out

Kiyoshi Terrell Fish I just want to thank you for what you done for me. You’ve really helped me out a lot to get me to where I need to be. Its been a pleasure working with you and I understand the process is not over yet, we still have work to do.


In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Sports Unlimited Services was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!

Thanks to Sports Unlimited Services

Thanks to Sports Unlimited Services, for helping me complete one of the few goals to get me where I need to be. Thanks to SUS for helping get into a school to continue my education